We've launched our private alpha (The Welcome Party). Sign up for access!
We've launched our private alpha (The Welcome Party). Sign up to get early access.

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Improve close & retention rates

Know what to pay

Leverage our proprietary, real-time compensation and equity data to make better offers and manage pay equity.

Close more candidates

Use our digital offer experience to help candidates understand total compensation, equity, benefits, the role, team, and mission.

Retain your employees

Help your employees understand how their compensation with your company grows over time and how to think about ownership.

Integrate with ease

Welcome integrates with key parts of your workflow to keep your teams and processes aligned, and your data in sync.

We integrate with the leading ATS, payroll, cap table, and collaboration tools.

Set a new standard

Leverage the power of Welcome in today's remote first landscape

What HR leaders say

Barb Bidan
Chief People Officer
Boom Supersonic

"No one has effectively cracked the code on how to carry an amazing candidate experience through to the offer itself. That’s why I'm so impressed with what Welcome is building!

They put real-time compensation data at your fingertips without the lag that exists with traditional survey data, and their platform makes it easy to deliver a visually compelling experience that helps candidates and employees understand the total value of your rewards offering."

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