Manage Employee Total Rewards in Over 30 Global Currencies

Demystifying Total Rewards for International Teams  

It’s crucial that employees clearly understand their total compensation and stake in your company. Imagine how much easier it would be if members of your international team could see their Total Rewards Dashboard in their local currencies? 

We’re happy to announce that our Multiple Currencies feature in Total Rewards does exactly that. This means that teams can hire in countries outside of the US and pay employee salaries and/or bonuses in their local currencies. 

Total Rewards Features Designed with Global Needs in Mind

Today’s workforce is more global, remote, and agile than ever, and it’s time that HR tools reflect this to support an international workforce. That’s where Welcome enters into the equation.

Multiple Currencies in Total Rewards provides teams with the ability to: 

  • Set exchange rates for Total Rewards profiles between currencies supported by Welcome 
  • Enable employees to view their Total Rewards statement in their local currency, which is pulled from a CSV upload or HRIS as the source of truth
  • Allow employees to view their benefits, perks, and bonuses in their local currencies
  • Convert bonuses to employee local currencies 

Simplify Your Total Rewards Management and Better Meet Employee Needs

Meaningful relationships with candidates and employees are necessary for building a more equitable and transparent company culture – which also translates to better recruiting outcomes and higher retention rates. 

Our Total Rewards software equips teams with the ability to adapt to the evolving international workforce and better meet the needs of employees across the globe. Want to see it in action? Book a demo for a firsthand look.

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