Shipping Offers at Scale With a “Functional Powerhouse”

Success Story

Welcome positions the Teachers Pay Teachers team to extend offers quickly and effectively to candidates. In today’s hiring market, a day can make all the difference in bringing on the right person. Welcome enables them to move swiftly with the ever-changing hiring market, all while improving their hiring workflow.

The People

Anthony Fowler, Director of Recruiting and People Operations

A former educator himself, Anthony has now been with Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) for five years. Anthony initially joined TPT as a recruiter and, over the years, has grown to ultimately leading the recruiting and people team as the Director of Recruiting and People Operations.

Products and Features Highlighted

Digital Offer Experience

“Welcome is a functional powerhouse. As quickly as this hiring market is moving, the difference between an offer today or tomorrow morning can make all the difference. We can move really quickly for folks we want to join the team. Welcome best positions us to do that really effectively.”

-Anthony Fowler, Director of Recruiting and People Operations


A few years ago, Teachers Pay Teachers was hiring 50+ people in a calendar year — already a fast hiring pace. Now, says Anthony, those hiring goals have doubled.

The recruiting team needed to build out additional capacity to meet the demands of these growing headcount numbers while focusing on increasing hiring efficiency. Improving the offer experience for candidates and recruiters was one of the first places that Anthony looked.

Creating and sending job offers has always been a manual experience. It was easy enough to keep up with this manual process at 150 employees, said Anthony. Then, it got painful. The recruiting team needed help:

  • Telling a clearer story around equity and what it means
  • Bringing a customized branded approach to job offers
  • Allowing candidates to fully understand their total compensation including benefits and perks

These aspects weren’t built into their manual process. Something had to change.

Welcome’s Impact

Anthony stumbled upon Welcome when a friend introduced the tool to him. He signed Teachers Pay Teachers up immediately after seeing the value the tool can bring to the organization.

“We identify as power users,” said Anthony. “We are obsessed.”

Since implementing Welcome, Teachers Pay Teachers have seen two improvements to the offers experience.

1. Improved recruiting efficiency

“Welcome has been a groundbreaking experience for increasing our efficiency,” said Anthony.

Everyone involved in hiring a candidate can now collaborate on the process in one place. For example:

  • Recruiters can easily make an edit to an offer during negotiations, such as adding a sign-on bonus or more equity. They no longer have to redact an offer and create and send a new version.
  • The Teachers Pay Teachers CFO can sign all offers in one place, rather than sifting through his inbox. Now, the Welcome dashboard creates a queue for him to know what’s awaiting signature.

2. Better communication with candidates

Since using Welcome, it’s been easier to help candidates understand every detail of their total compensation. Doing so has led to a much more positive candidate experience.

“With Welcome, we present ourselves much more holistically and cleanly to our candidates,” said Anthony.

For example, candidates often had questions about the equity included in the offer before using Welcome.

“We can tell a clearer story around our equity and bring a more branded approach to our offers. We couldn’t do that when we were navigating offers manually.”

Anthony said the candidate confusion immediately dropped away.

“It’s like night and day: We get far fewer questions about equity from candidates than we used to. Now, candidates just get it. They have access to educational content from the offer and they can see what their growth potential will be as their equity valuation changes over time.”

Most-used features

Here are some of the Welcome features that the TPT recruiting team returns to again and again:

  • Shipping offers right within the Welcome tool, rather than via a mix of multiple tools and manual processes.
  • Creating offer templates, often by bonus structures. For example, TPT has an offer template specific to the sales team, which has commission-based compensation.
  • Editing offers while negotiating without needing to pause and resend a new offer with the updated information.

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