Unqork: Enhancing the Candidate Experience with Welcome

The People

Ben Caggia, Head of Talent Acquisition

Ben joined Unqork as the founding member of the Talent Acquisition team, which now consists of over 15 members. Ben previously helped build and scale teams at companies like Foursquare, Shutterstock, and Managed by Q.

About Unqork

Unqork is a completely visual, no‑code application platform that empowers large organizations to build custom enterprise‑grade software faster, with higher quality, and lower costs than traditional approaches. Unqork, headquartered in NYC, has raised over $300mm to date and has a team of over 500 employees. 

Products and Features Highlighted

  • Digital Offer Experience
  • Multiple Offer Templates
  • Countersigning Workflows
  • Greenhouse Integration


  • Unqork was seeking a solution to enhance and differentiate their candidate experience as they competed for remote talent.
  • They needed to easily integrate with their ATS and support multiple offer templates.
  • Unqork uses Welcome’s Digital Offer Experience to help candidates better understand equity in addition to highlighting Unqork’s industry-leading benefits and perks.


As Unqork closed their $200m Series C round of financing, rapidly accelerating the growth of their team became a top priority, hiring hundreds of new employees in a highly competitive talent market. As part of this effort, Ben and his team were looking for ways to:

  • Revamp their hiring brand and candidate experience to highlight Unqork’s vision, values, and growth opportunity.
  • Help candidates understand their compensation, including the mechanics around stock options and the benefits and perks offerings available to them.
  • Improve collaboration across Unqork’s fast growing recruiting team and make it easy for the team to track the status of an offer throughout the closing process.
  • Easily incorporate various offer templates and allow their Chief Admin Officer to review and countersign offers. 

Welcome’s Impact

Unqork partnered with Welcome to use our Digital Offer Experience to improve their end-to-end candidate experience and recruiting workflows as they rapidly scaled their team. Using Welcome, Unqork was able to:

  • Hit their hiring goals: Close over 300 candidates ahead of plan to accelerate growth across the organization.
  • Impact speed to close: Decrease the time to close a candidate by 3x from offer sent to offer accepted.
  • Save time: Reduce a significant amount of candidate questions about compensation and equity, saving recruiters 2-3 hours of time per candidate – well over 500 hours total!
  • Up-level their hiring brand: Create a consistent and scalable offer experience and hiring brand, with the added flexibility to incorporate their various offer templates.
  • Plug into existing workflows: Integrate their ATS (Greenhouse) to pull in candidate profiles, role details, and keep offer status and reporting in sync.
  • Streamline communication: Improve collaboration and communication across the recruiting team, saving time while closing faster and increasing efficiency.

Welcome's Digital Offer Experience
Welcome has been a game changer for our recruiting team, especially as we shifted to a fully remote operation. Their offer platform has helped us quickly scale our team while revamping our candidate experience and saving our team a significant amount of time during the closing process. Our entire recruiting team, along with candidates, absolutely love the experience.”
Ben Caggia, Head of Talent Acquisition

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