Use This Checklist to Find a Compensation Management Solution

Compensation decisions are a big deal to companies and to candidates alike. And all too often, companies are making these crucial decisions with manual calculations and complicated spreadsheets.

But companies have an increasing number of options to pull real-time compensation data — both internally on team benchmarks and externally on the market. Gathering and analyzing data from multiple sources will create a clear picture for your team and desirable compensation packages for attractive candidates.

To support companies in upgrading their comp data, we’ve created a guide diving deep into the topic. Download it here to learn how to change the game and stay competitive with real-time comp data.

And to celebrate the launch of our new guide, we’re sharing a sneak peek below. This handy infographic is directly from our new guide. Use it to find the right compensation management software for your business and upgrade your comp decisions.

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What to Look for in a Compensation Tool

Real-time data display

Make sure the compensation data you’re viewing is regularly updated on an automatic cycle. This will save your team time and paint the most accurate picture possible.

Internal reference of comp levels and bands

Easily visualize your company's current compensation models. Use that data seamlessly for future job offers, promotions, and raises.

Integrated ATS, payroll, and cap tables

Ditch the spreadsheets in manual data input and pull from accurate, real-time data that reflects your organization's most current information.

Current market trends

In a tight labor market, offering noncompetitive compensation is a sure way to lose out on top talent. Look for tool that allows you to view compensation trends filtered by information like:

  • Location
  • Role/Department
  • Industry
  • Stage
  • Number of employees

Compensation scenarios

Easily aggregate and compare complete compensation packages and share them with your internal team for increased transparency and collaboration. Assign monetary values to more quantitative benefits and perks such as PTO.

Easy information sharing

Share different compensation scenarios with your internal team so everyone is informed and on the same page.

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