Greenhouse Integration

Welcome seamlessly integrates with Greenhouse so that you can import candidate profiles and role information when creating offers, and keep your offer status updated in real-time.

1. Log into Greenhouse and visit the Settings page
2. Click on Dev Center
3. Click on API Credential Management
4. Click on Create New API Key
5. Enter the Description as Welcome and Type as Harvest
6. On the Manage API Key Permissions page, select the following: Applications, Approvals, Candidates, Departments, Job Openings, Job Posts, Job Stages, Jobs, Offers, Offices, Tags, User Roles, Users.
7. Copy the full API key and enter it into your Welcome dashboard
8. We'll import your candidate profiles and role information (which may take a few hours)

Note: As part of connecting Greenhouse, we'll also import all of your Greenhouse hiring managers so that they are available on Welcome when creating offers