We've launched our private alpha (The Welcome Party). Sign up for access!
We've launched our private alpha (The Welcome Party). Sign up to get early access.

Justworks Beta

Welcome seamlessly integrates with Justworks so that you can import employees' payroll information when creating Total Rewards overviews.


To integrate with Justworks, we will need you to create a temporary, third-party admin login. Below are instructions on how to do so.

1. Sign into Justworks
2. Go to Employees under the Manage category on the left-side menu
3. Click Add
4. Select 3rd party admin / accountant member type

5. Indicate that this user should have admin access
6. Enter user's basic information, such as first name, last name, and email. Please note: For this user's email, utilize integrations+[yourcompanyname]@heywelcome.com (e.g. integrations+acme@heywelcome.com)

7. Select today as the Start Date
8. Select Send Invite Now
9. Once the invitation is sent, you will select the admin permissions. Under Company HR, select the following admin permission: 
Edit employee permissions, Edit company settings, View invoices & reporting,
and Manage employees