The new standard for closing candidates

Elevate your hiring brand, make equitable and competitive offers, explain total compensation, and improve acceptance rates with our digital offer experience.

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Increased acceptance rates

Our offer experience sets better expectations with candidates and pays for itself by driving higher close rates.


In savings per candidate

Teams spend 115+ hours to close a single candidate. We help streamline closing workflows to drive efficiency and savings.


Don’t understand equity

Help candidates visualize and understand their total compensation, including their equity and future growth.

Introducing  Compensation  Scenarios

Create compensation scenarios for candidates and employees that are benchmarked against your current team and our real-time compensation data.

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Real-time data your fingertips
Real-time data your fingertips
Easy to use total compensation tool
Customize your brand and story

Communicate total compensation

Make it easy for candidates to understand their total compensation, including their cash, potential value of their equity, and value of their benefits and perks.

Collaborate on
closing candidates

Centralize offer creation and collaboration, including support for multiple offer templates and your own signing and countersigning workflows.

Customize your brand and story
Customize your brand and story

Tell your story

Highlight your company's brand, mission, vision, leadership team, culture, and the things that make you unique.

Streamline your recruiting workflows

We integrate with the leading applicant tracking systems (ATS) to easily map to your recruiting processes.

Frequently asked questions

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Does Welcome send the offer or do we still send our formal offers out on other platforms such as DocuSign?
Do you support multiple offer templates?
Do you support countersigning workflows?
Can I customize the branding and copy in the offer experience?